Laughing All The Way To The Bank... Bullying Number 2

I had a number of responses to a previous post concerning "Workplace Bullying." Not surprisingly, after checking my logs, I find that post has also received multiple hits from search engines.

Many people don't seem to realize just how much of a problem bullying can cause in a business, and to our economy.

* The basic reason a bully does what they do is to cover their own inadequacies. They target anyone who is capable of seeing those inadequacies. Is an inadequately qualified person the right person for a management position, or as an "advisor" to management in any company?

* Good businesses are built on the shoulders of good employees. Vital to this maxim is the fact that good employees grow with a company over a period of time. With the number of good employees that are harassed and forced into leaving their jobs every day, carrying the effects in terms of mental (and often physical) stress with them, how many good employees is our society ruining by allowing this to continue?

* For the most part unemployment laws are written not to help employees, but to protect the employers. If an employer can prove "just cause" for firing an employee, the employee will be unable to collect unemployment. When an employee quits, even after suffering long periods of harassment, it is very difficult for an employee to prove a "forced quit" and collect unemployment. The matter can be brought to court, but how many unemployed people can afford either the time or the money to fight an adamant employer? How much of a drain is there now on our welfare system because unjustly terminated employees cannot find adequate employment?

* Bullying can span a time period of several years. When an employee is either fired or quits as the result of bullying, what is the employee supposed to put on a future employment application as "past work experience" and "previous employment?" Would you feel comfortable putting a previous employer on a job application in this case? Would such a previous employer be likely to give you a good recommendation?

* The end result of bullying is a "hostile work environment", which affects not only the "Target" of the bully but also many others. How do you feel working in a place and watching a co-worker under attack? Do you ever feel that you could be next?

* The end result of a hostile work environment is a high turnover rate in the workplace. With a struggling economy and an already high rate of unemployment, do we really need an additional strain on our resources?

Every day as I surf the blogs I come across blog after blog addressing this or that political issue. Most of them make very valid points from one standpoint or another. In my opinion, this is neither a Republican nor a Democratic issue, but an American issue.

The basic human rights we as American both expect and are promised are being violated every single day. We can't blame this on Bush or on anyone but ourselves because WE are allowing it to continue. Several states are either considering legislation or such legislation is pending against Bullying in the Workplace.

If you're an employer, be aware of the signs and take steps to prevent bullying from happening in your company.

Don't just take my word for it. Do a search for yourselves and get further information. Then all you political animals out there who love a good political battle, start sharing the information and putting pressure on our government to put a stop to the treatment our workforce is getting.

Aren’t you a little tired of seeing all the assholes of this world laughing all the way to the bank while they steal the tax dollars right out of your pockets by way of higher unemployment and welfare costs?

For those of you in Hawai`i, a Bill has been introduced, however:
"Opposition has been rasied by State agencies/employers, OSHA and Workers Compensation, all arguing that bullied individuals have adequate opportunities to reverse their situation using existing laws, policies and procedures!" Duh... are we suprised that employers and enforcement agencies would be against this?

Sorry folks, "existing laws, policies and procedures" only cover an employee when there is blatant evidence of sexual, racial harassment, etc.. Without ironclad evidence the employer walks. The courts rarely deal with anything unless you can provide a "smoking gun" and a picture of the perpetrator with said gun in hand.

Oh, and to those who asked if I have ever been the victim of bullying, the answer is yes. In my 30+ years in the workforce I have seen it many times with either myself as the victim or in observing attacks on others. I have actually left positions several times once I recognized the pattern, because I will neither condone it nor will I be its victim.